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A professional office should have a partition between rooms working together; Today, the use of office glass instead of decorative to enhance the aesthetics of glass doors as well as office space. It also adds aesthetics to the glass door as well as office space.


Most offices now use office glass for office cooling and decoration. However, not everyone knows how to apply the paper properly. So this article we will guide you the construction process is very simple to get the glass window beautifully.

1. Make stickers stickers office glass

 + Step 1:

Before sticking your office glass you need to clean the surface of the glass that will stick to the paper. This can be done using glass, using a rubber glove to remove stains on the glass. This is one of the important steps that affect the adhesion of the glass surface to the glue of the glass paste.

+ Step 2:

After cleaning the glass door, you need to determine the area to do paste the office glass . Take the measuring tape to the correct surface, then cut the glass paper according to the size appropriate to the glass plate. Remember to cut each side 3-5cm over the measurement area to avoid missing the loss of aesthetics for the glass.

+ Step 3:

Use a glass of water on the surface of the glass paste. Then peel the excess linolen from the sticker and place the sticker on the glass surface.

When you do this step you need to be careful to move the pattern on the office glass to match the aesthetics. Once the sticker is in place, remember to use a rubber grommet from the center of the glass to the edges to remove the water between the glass and the paper.

+ Step 4:

After applying the paste, use a knife along the edge of the glass to remove excess glue. Finally, wait for 30 minutes for dry water to be a space as you desire.

Customers can refer to the form of glass stickers office here !

2. Optical Glasses – provides quality office sealing paper

With the simple paste glass paste as above you will quickly get comfortable work space. However, consider choosing a good quality office sticker . Because the quality of products is good, the process of construction is convenient and effective when used.

Vision Glass specializes in providing glass products for households, apartment buildings, companies with glass doors. Come to our facility you will receive the following great things:

+ Excellent quality office stickers . Vision Commitment All of our products are imported from leading brands. Consequently, stickers ensure durability for glass doors, which are resistant to ultraviolet light and are important for cooling the work space by blocking sunlight.

+ The price of office sticker paper at Quang vy stickers is always the best in the market. Since we import products directly without any intermediaries, consumers always receive preferential prices compared to many other establishments.

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